Ditchin' the Kitchen!

Hello friends! Never thought I would be writing a blog, but here I am killin it! Well maybe, lets see how it goes. I am here to share my renovation journey, design knowledge and style inspiration. My creative brain never shuts off. My husband Rich says its a scary place in there, my daughter Hannah just shakes her head. To both I respond "It might be scary in here, but at least it's pretty!" Needless to say, Rich is equally creative and goes along with most of my crazy ideas. This will be the third house we have renovated together - and yet we are still married! Lets share this journey friends and along the way I might just help style your world!

This journey began last summer when we decided to sell our renovated house. The project was large, overwhelming and a bit of a nightmare. In the end, it turned out amazing and I swore I was going to die in that house. Well fast forward 10 years and surprise, surprise we got bored and needed a new project. So the hunt began for a new house. We stumbled upon this brick, split level with an outdated awful interior. However, it had great bones and a ton of potential - great floor plan, awesome location and tons of space. We knew it was the house for us. The first thing we tackled was the kitchen. As lovely as this 80's space was we thought why not kick it up a notch!

It was hard to part with these amazing faux wood laminate wrapped cabinets!

Here it is in all its original glory - minus the upper cabinets we immediately ripped out. Just look at Rich standing there in adoration of its beauty!(lol)

We, or should I say Rich, gutted the space. Hannah and I did have fun lending a hand hammering through the plaster to add a door from the breakfast nook to the family room. Let the light shine in, ahh. We love that this house has big windows that let in tons of light.

We also closed up a door on the other end to add counter space and cabinets. We kept the original layout but tweaked it to make the best use of the space.

Then the part I love the most - picking cabinets, flooring, countertops, etc. Pulling it all together to create the vision in my crazy pretty head. Here it is now!!

Having this breakfast nook as additional seating for friends and family is perfect. As we all know, no matter how much square footage your house has, everyone ends up hanging out in the kitchen.

I love, love, love the cabinets. Their clean lines and light finish pair well with the dark floors.

I whipped up a roman shade to add a pop of color in the space.

coffee bar

We all agree that the coffee bar is a family favorite. My family is slightly addicted to caffeine, so Rich's homemade roasted coffee beans are a staple at the bar. As you read my blog you will continue to find that Rich is a man of many talents with loads of patience! lol

Well thats a wrap on my first blog. Hope you enjoyed the before and after of our kitchen renovation. Stay tuned for more demo and design coming your way!

XOXO - Michele

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